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Alteryx Training

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  • 30 hrs

The Techenoid Alteryx Training is one the business intelligence tool. This is the platform which can help you discover, prepare and analyze your data, which can be further deployed and can be shared the analytics at the scale which can help you to dig in the deeper insights faster than the any thought possible. The blended data can be converted into the tableau data effortlessly and in a secure way. Join the free Demo now with Techenoid.

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Key Features

  • 30 Hours of instructor-led live online training
  • 100% Practical approach with hands-on practice
  • Live project based on real-life case studies
  • Most experienced & certified trainers
  • Lifetime access to class recordings
  • 24x7 Teaching assistance and support

Upcoming Batches

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    7:00 AM IST (Saturday)

    Sat-Sun (5 Weeks)
  • 19


    7:00 AM IST (Monday)

    Mon-Fri (15 days)
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    7:00 AM IST (Wednesday)

    Sat-Sun (5 Weeks)

Modes of Training

Self-paced Video Learning
  • Access to high quality pre-recorded Hadoop Training videos ( from a previous live training )
  • LMS Access
  • Access to self-paced haddop Training material designed by experts.
Instructor Led
Instructor led live training
  • Live online training by Certified & industry expert Trainers.
  • On Demand Dedicated Cloud lab and LMS access.
  • 24X7 teaching assistance and suppoert.
  • Fast-track / Regular / Weekend batches.
Corporate training
Corporate training
  • Self-paced-e-learning and/or instructor led Live-online training options.
  • Learning Management System access.
  • Enhanced reporting for individuals and teams.
  • 24X7 Support

Course Details

Why learn Alteryx?

There are many organizations which count on the alteryx training course to protect their data from various devices. The joining of the course will enable you to seek jobs as well and get the full knowledge of the business field according to the course. The course offers you training in survey analysis, parsing XML, multi-channel analysis. You will get to know about how to blend the advance data. The skills like data transposing, polygon creation for tableau will be improved. The multi-national companies find such persons who have the vast knowledge about the alteryx course. If you opt to join the Technoid alteryx online training course you will be in safe hands and your career as well. The course and its learning will be provided to you at the best.

What are the objectives of our Alteryx online training course?

The objective of this course is to enable the learners to gain more and more knowledge which can be very helpful for them. The learners who have keen interest in the business intelligence field are the best option to opt for this course. The certification which the course offers goes a very long way for the learners. Also, along with the course it involves projects and assignments which will aid the students to learn about the technical difficulties of the business field. The realistic and actual difficulties situations of the course will prepare them for the future.

What skills will you learn with our Alteryx Certification Training?

The skills involved in the learning of the training course will help the learners to lead a better way in business world. All the details and proper education is provided to the students by Techenoid which they might not get at any other online course.Here are some of the detailed skills which come under the Alteryx training:

  • You will learn about the visualizations.

  • The full detail about the survey analysis and advanced data blending.

  • There will be study of the skills like data transposing, polygon creation for tableau.

  • Parsing XML will also come under the course.

  • Standardizing unstructured data, multi-channel analysis.

  • Also one will be able to know about market basket analysis etc.

Who should take this Alteryx Training Course?

There are various chances and opportunities for the people who have keen interest in this field. There are no prerequisites involved in this course. Anyone can take this techenoid alteryx online training course. But the additional benefit can be added to the below people:

  • The professional of business intelligence

  • Data analytics

  • Software professionals

  • Database architects

  • Project managers

What projects included in this Alteryx Online Training Course?

The course is based on the number of projects which will enhance your skills and knowledge about the course. Through these projects one will be able to get to know about the business difficulties and how to tackle it in the field. Whereas there is no second thought on the fact that the projects will enhance their visibility and also improve their efficiency and productivity for the course in the business field. The Techenoid helps you in getting better and better with each passing day. The projects are made for the students to face the reality of business world in a very sophisticated way which will help the students in seeking jobs and polishing their skills.

How will Alteryx Training help your career?

The experience of the alteryx training enables you to improve the quality of your skills. You will be able to know that how good the course has been preparing you before getting in the actual world of business. The completion of the course will aid you jobs in the multi-national companies. This can be called as the primary step in achieving your career goals. The value of the training course goes a very long way in the path of business field. The techenoid online training course helps their students be ahead of everyone else. You will be in save hands and your career as well, if you choose Techenoid training online course.

Course Curriculum

Tour Of Alteryx Designer

Learning Objects: In this module we will learn about, designing of Alteryx.

Topics include: Understanding the User Environment and Alteryx Settings, Drag and connect tools, Change tool functions, Build your first workflow.

Preparing Data

Learning Objects: In this module we will learn about, how to prepare data, insert the data into fields and change the data from dataset.

Topics include: Using the Select tool to rename fields, change the data type, and remove from data set, Connect to data sources, Set data field types, Remove and rename fields, Browse the initial results.

Filtering Data

Learning Objects: In this Session we will learn about, how to filter data using strings and how to filter records from your data.

Topics include: Filtering Using String Data, Filter records from your data, See how all records fit the filter, Sort records from highest to lowest.

Blending Data

Learning Objects: In this session we will learn about, Blending data fields and join data on common fields.

Topics include: Data Blending for Dummies, Find customer with 10 or more transactions, Identify common data fields, Join data on common fields, Group and aggregate data.

Static Reporting

 Learning Objects: In this session we will learn about, how to analyze static reports in Alteryx conference.

Topics include: Sort, Layout, Table, Report Text, Render, Date Time Now, Charting, Append Field, Report Map.

Spatial Analysis

Learning Objects: In this module we will learn about, Spatial Analysis information.

Topics include: Create Points, Distance, Trade Area, Find Nearest, Spatial Match, Spatial Info.

Analyzing Data

Learning Objects: In this module we will learn about, how to Analyze data in Alteryx.

Topics include: Tools in Alteryx Designer, Find number of customers with above average sales, Group data by criteria, Create fields from other data, Discover trends in your data.



Exam & Certification

The certification of the course adds a great value in getting you the jobs and getting better and better in the long run. The painful projects are the real task which prepares you in for the actual world of business. The certification of the course will be valid around the world. So, one should not worry about that. The future difficulties will be extreme in the course which will benefit you later. On the completion of the course, one has to give an exam where the student has to score at least 60% marks to be eligible for the certification. The Techenoid also offers or can provide the certification of the course for their online training course students. This course is valid all around the world and will help them in getting a good business position.


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1. What are the modes of training offered for this course?

You can register for the instructor-led, online, or self-paced training mode.

2. Can I attend a demo session before enrollment?

Yes to know about the course, you can attend a video session.

3. Who are the instructors taking the theory and practical classes?

All instructors handling the course have a rich experience and knowledge in the domain.

4. Are there any group discounts for classroom training programs?

Some institutes do offer but get in touch with your institute.

5. Can I switch from Self-Paced Training To Online Instructor-Led Training?

You can positively make the change to any learning mode you want from the current one.

6. What If I Miss A Class?

You can join the currently running batch or see the video tutorial of the missed class.

7. How Will I Execute The Practical?

All practical sessions are handled only by experienced trainers in the domain, so executing your practical is not at all a big issue.

8. What payment options are available?

Besides cash, you can pay your fees in different modes you want.

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