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Qlikview training

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  • Learners : 350
  • 30 hrs

Qlikview is the supplest and the most versatile Business Intelligence tool for transforming data into facts. Nowadays, almost all worldwide organizations have facilitated their users to combine, explore, and visually examine their entire data easily for exceptional business insight using the ease of Qlikview.  Having the training in Qlikview will aid learners considerably in mastering the data modeling, data screening, creating reports as well as dashboards of the tool.

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Key Features

  • 30 Hours of instructor-led live online training
  • 100% Practical approach with hands-on practice
  • Live project based on real-life case studies
  • Most experienced & certified trainers
  • Lifetime access to class recordings
  • 24x7 Teaching assistance and support

Upcoming Batches

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    7:00 AM IST (Saturday)

    Sat-Sun (5 Weeks)
  • 19


    7:00 AM IST (Monday)

    Mon-Fri (15 days)
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    7:00 AM IST (Wednesday)

    Sat-Sun (5 Weeks)

Modes of Training

Self-paced Video Learning
  • Access to high quality pre-recorded Hadoop Training videos ( from a previous live training )
  • LMS Access
  • Access to self-paced haddop Training material designed by experts.
Instructor Led
Instructor led live training
  • Live online training by Certified & industry expert Trainers.
  • On Demand Dedicated Cloud lab and LMS access.
  • 24X7 teaching assistance and suppoert.
  • Fast-track / Regular / Weekend batches.
Corporate training
Corporate training
  • Self-paced-e-learning and/or instructor led Live-online training options.
  • Learning Management System access.
  • Enhanced reporting for individuals and teams.
  • 24X7 Support

Course Details

Objectives of the course

The major goal of the Qlikview Training is to allow participants to master the Qlikview app with the intention of deriving business intelligence as well as for learning visual insights. All the learning modes of the training allow students to get themselves familiar with the required skills for interpreting, modeling, manipulating, and organizing the data. Another major aim of the course is to provide learners with an effective practical experience in the real-time projects as well as in using the Qlikview software.

Some of the other objectives of the training include:

  1. Let learners know the way of executing the data modeling, visualizing, and reporting using the Qlikview tool.

  2. Let participants know the way of creating diverse kinds of graphs and incorporating them into the dashboard for evaluation.

  3. Let students appreciate Qlikview analysis suite and the way to execute it in Qlikview.

  4. Let delegates know the Qlik functions of chart levels and script levels.

  5. Let partakers discern the security as well as the access points of Qlikview.

The right candidate to do the course

Candidates who want to join the QlikView training course have no need to possess special skills. However, the right candidates to join the course include:

  • Business Intelligence analysts.

  • Designer and reporting experts.

  • IT architects.

  • Software developers.

People who are interested in pursuing their career in the data visualization can also do the course.

What skills will you learn with the course?

The Qlikview Training has been purposely designed to offer new skills to novices as well as to hone the skills of the working professionals. Therefore, whether you are a novice or a veteran in the field, if you join the course:

  1. You will have the skill needed to create the QVD file in your Qlikview Desktop.

  2. You will be familiar with the data transforming concepts using Qlikview.

  3. You will be greatly acquainted with the data and business intelligence visualization using QlikView.

  4. You will be capable of learning the way of data reading of Qlik from different tables.

  5. You will get the ability to develop projects in real time by using Qlikview.

Projects included in the course

While doing the Qlikview course, students will be provided with real-world projects to improve their practical experience and project execution skills. They will also get projects that offer them the ability to resolve a variety of issues while implementing the projects. All projects of the course will offer them the skill needed to work in a variety of domains easily and effectively.

Why should you join the course?

Qlikview is the greatest Business Intelligence platform, delivering proper analytics and Business Intelligence to impel businesses insights that are pertinent, real-time, and easily deployable.  Most of the worldwide leading IT, MNC, and other organizations are investing their money or eager to invest it in big data to enhance their analytics sales. This is for the reason that Qlikview is one of the most successful Business Intelligence tools for the data analysis, visualization, and exploring on the present business market. Therefore, highly Qlikview skilled and certified professionals are in great demand. This means that doing a certification course in Qlikview will offer you a chance to take part in the most up-to-date data visualization field.

Moreover, the training will offer you the comprehensive as well as the in-depth QlikView education to master the course easily according to your convenience and at your own pace. Therefore, having a certification in the tool, you will have a bright chance of working as a highly paid Qlikview Developer in all worldwide organizations. Moreover, the training will make the passing of your certification examination a breeze. This means that with the both theoretical, as well as with the practical knowledge you attained from the training will allow you to clear the exam easily and effectively.

Career Improvement on doing the Tableau course

As students are learning Qlikview real-time projects in the certification training, they will get familiarize with high applications in the company world. Once they complete the course, they will be capable of applying for lucrative jobs in a variety of industries that are adopting the Qlikview software.  Most of the working professionals can also enhance their skill in their relevant field to get them promoted to higher positions in their organizations.


Course Curriculum

Introduction to qlikview 

Learning Objectives: In this module, you will get an overview of BI Tools and you will be introduced to QlikView. Further you will learn about its features and architecture.


  • What is BI?
  • Introduction to Visualization
  • Different BI Tools
  • What is QlikView?
  • Features and components of QlikView
  • Architecture
  • Installation & Navigation
  • Data Ingestion
  • Report Interface
  • QVS, QVW and .log files
  • Sheet Objects
  • Dimensions and Expressions
  • Presentation/ Layout / Sort tabs

Hands On/Demo:

  • Downloading and Installing QlikView
  • Creating a List Box


Learning Objectives: In this module, you will learn the need and different features of scripting. You will learn about script toolbar, adding/editing tabs, variables, fields, joins and keep.


  • Need of Scripting
  • What is Scripting?
  • Script Toolbar
  • Script Menu Commands
  • QlikView Variables (Set,Let) and Fields
  • Creating tabs in the script
  • Adding Sheet Objects
  • Inline table
  • Function in QlikView (Sum, Avg, Count, Date, etc)
  • Joins: Inner, Left, Right and Outer
  • Understanding Keep command

Hands On/Demo:

  • Edit Script
  • QlikView Operations: Concatenate, If statement
  • Create variables, Inline load, Functions and Joins

Data Model

Learning Objectives: In this module, you will learn about different QV data file types and ways to resolve the synthetic keys and circular reference.


  • QlikView Data File Types: QVD, QVX
  • System fields
  • Star schema
  • Synthetic Key Tables
  • Circular References & its causes
  • Ways to Resolve Synthetic Keys and Circular Reference
  • Using Qualify & unqualify
  • Link Table
  • Concatenation: Forced, Auto, No
  • Data Model optimization
  • Master Calendar

Hands On/Demo:

  • Star Schema, Synthetic key, Circular reference
  • Concatenation, Qualify & Unqualify

Data Transformation

Learning Objectives: In this module, you will learn how to modify the existing data to a new data format. You will learn about different types of loads and tables.


  • Generating data in the QlikView Script
  • Different Type of Loads
  • Incremental load with QVD file
  • Column manipulation
  • Tables: Rotating, Straight and Pivot, Cross
  • Mapping Table
  • Security – Section Access and Control

Hands On/Demo:

  • Preceding load, Resident load & Incremental Load
  • Rotating, Pivot, Cross & Mapping Tables
  • Security with Section Access

Data Analytics

Learning Objectives: In this module, you will learn to analyze the data using set, indirect, and what-if analysis. You will also be learning about some advanced QV operations.


  • Set Analysis (Indirect Set Analysis, Identifiers, Modifiers & Operators)
  • What-if Analysis
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Dynamic Reporting or Ad-hoc Reporting.
  • Document Channing
  • How to select range of Dates
  • Information density Subset Ratio and Perfect Key
  • AND Mode
  • Document Analyzer
  • Exception Handling
  • Buffer load
  • Qlikview cals
  • Qlikview sap connector
  • Qlikview sales force connector
  • Macro
  • Geolocation
  • Web Connectors
  • Conditionally Enabling Dimensions

Hands On/Demo:

  • What-If Analysis, Comparative & Set Analysis


Exam & Certification

The QlikView training is structured for passing the QlikView Developer Certification examination organized by Qlik. The entire content of the course is at the level of the certification program and aids students clear the exam easily and acquire the highest position in the organizations.

Every student needs to attend a quiz and two model exams at the end of the course. They have to score a minimum of 60% marks in the quiz and in the exam. Then their projects will be evaluated for the award of the course completion certificate. Once they come out of the evaluation successfully, they will be awarded the certificate, designating them as a Qlikview professional. However, passing the Qlik exam will allow successful candidates to improve their career further.


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1. What are the modes of training offered for this course?

You can do the course online, instructor-led, or self-paced learning mode.

2. Can I attend a demo session before enrollment?

Yes, you can know more about the course by attending a video session on it.

3. Who are the instructors taking the theory and practical classes?

All the classes in the training course are being taught by the most experienced and highly skilled tutors who have worked in the field for many years.

4. Are there any group discounts for classroom training programs?

There are discounts, as well, but you have to contact your training institute.

5. Can I switch from Self-Paced Training To Online Instructor-Led Training?

You can make the exchange without doubt from self-paced to online instructor-led training mode.

6. What If I Miss A Class?

Every classroom lecture will be recorded, so you can see the video tutorial of the missed class.

7. How Will I Execute The Practical?

All practical classes will be handled by a Qlikview professionally trained tutor, so you can do your projects with ease.

8. What payment options are available?

Besides cash payment, you also pay the fees through many other electronic transfers.

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