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SAS BI Training

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  • 30 hrs

The Techenoid SAS Business Intelligence online training course allows the users to get familiar with an integrated, strong and flexible presentation layer for SAS Analytics potential. It includes statistic data and text mining, prediction, and optimisation – all integrated at intervals for the business in order to get higher and quicker decision. Join the free DEMO classes now!

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Key Features

  • 30 Hours of instructor-led live online training
  • 100% Practical approach with hands-on practice
  • Live project based on real-life case studies
  • Most experienced & certified trainers
  • Lifetime access to class recordings
  • 24x7 Teaching assistance and support

Upcoming Batches

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    7:00 AM IST (Saturday)

    Sat-Sun (5 Weeks)
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    7:00 AM IST (Monday)

    Mon-Fri (15 days)
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    Sat-Sun (5 Weeks)

Modes of Training

Self-paced Video Learning
  • Access to high quality pre-recorded Hadoop Training videos ( from a previous live training )
  • LMS Access
  • Access to self-paced haddop Training material designed by experts.
Instructor Led
Instructor led live training
  • Live online training by Certified & industry expert Trainers.
  • On Demand Dedicated Cloud lab and LMS access.
  • 24X7 teaching assistance and suppoert.
  • Fast-track / Regular / Weekend batches.
Corporate training
Corporate training
  • Self-paced-e-learning and/or instructor led Live-online training options.
  • Learning Management System access.
  • Enhanced reporting for individuals and teams.
  • 24X7 Support

Course Details

Why should you join the course?

The candidate should join the course if he wants to work as a professional in any big organization as after the completion of the course, he must be able to perform all required task for an organization. The course will enable the learners to seek knowledge and skills about the SAS BI training course. If you choose Techenoid online training course you will be able to know what and how their projects will make you efficient in getting into the business field.

What are the objectives of our SAS BI online course?

The purpose for which the course designed is to make the learners understand the key concepts about the online course. Here are some of the objectives listed below to give you a brief about what are its objectives:

  • To build the business applications that are user-friendly

  • To comprehend and perform advanced reporting practices

  • To learn about building of data and information maps

  • Creation of SAS BI Application Dashboard

  • Stored processes creation

  • To make the Learners learn to use the advanced methods with the aid of SAS reports

  • To exploit the data in Multidimensional ways

  • To use SAS Guide projects in order to accomplish the stored processes

  • To create dynamic stored processes for the users for the usage of parameters

What skills will you learn with our SAS BI certification training?

SAS business intelligence course is a professional level course and thus it provides the most effective way of SAS skills required. Moreover, it is a component of SAS where there is a possibility of business analysis with the help software skill set.

By using these skills, the candidate can improve his business intelligence up to a large extent.

Some of the learned skills include:

  • The candidate will learn to build a data mart during his SAS BI training, starting from reviewing the projects.

  • The candidate will also come to know about the scheduling of data integration studio jobs at the SAS BI training.

  • The candidate will comprehend the meaning and working of data integration studio and setting up of tasks for SAS BI data integration during the course.


How should take this SAS BI training course?

Though this is a technical and practical course, there are no limitations on who all can learn the course. Anyone can join the online training course, there are no pre-requisites required for the course. As there are number of opportunities after the completion of this course, the below mentioned can get the most benefited from this course:

  • Administrators

  • Business Intelligence Professionals

  • Project Managers

  • Project Architects

  • Software Developers

  • Graduates who wish to opt career in this field

What projects are included in this SAS BI online training course?

Almost all of the projects related to SAS BI are the one that are  more commonly known as the real-world projects, designed according to the current needs and requirements of most of the organizations. If the learner learns the way of executing these projects properly, he will be able to handle all SAS BI related projects in his real life. You will not face any difficulty further in tackling the business situations on field and off field. Techenoid sets the projects for their online training course students in such a way that they can apply their knowledge practically which is very rare in any other online course.

Career Improvement on doing the SAS BI Training course

The candidates who join the SAS BI training course will surely help their selves in getting a better career opportunity. The Techenoid SAS BI online training course is highly recommended by almost every organization as it is an emerging trend in the field of BI. After the completion of the training you will develop as an expert in SAS BI and analytics. Therefore, you will avail several professional career opportunities both at national and international levels. Your career will be back on track if you opt for Techenoid online training course of SAS BI.

Course Curriculum

Introduction To SAS BI

The SAS Business Intelligence Platform is a suite of software services, components and practices for building intelligent enterprise information delivery applications that exploit the analytic and presentation power of the SAS System. Learn More about SAS BI.

SAS Enterprise Guide
SAS Data Integration Studio (ETL)
SAS Management Console
SAS Web Report Studio
SAS OLAP cube Studio
SAS Add -In for Microsoft Office
SAS Information Map Studio
SAS stored process

SAS BI Content Developer

Understanding SAS BI tool, SAS data integration studio, What is change management and repository types in this module of SAS BI training.

What Is Business Intelligence?
Navigating in SAS BI Data Integration Studio
Working under Change Management
What Is Change Management?
Repository Types in SAS BI
Using Change Management

Designing The Course Data Mart

Data marts are small slices of data warehouse. This module is a collection of tips on how to run your data mart implementation project

Planning a Data Warehouse, Exercises

Building A Data Mart In SAS BI

Learn how to build a data mart during SAS BI training, starting from reviewing a case study.

Review of the Case Study
Define the Source Data
What are the Target Tables in SAS BI
Load the Target Tables

Building An OLAP Cube

On-Line Analytical Processing (or OLAP) has long been part of the data storage and exploitation strategy for SAS professional. Take an overview on OLAP in this module of SAS BI Training.

What Is OLAP
Building an OLAP Cube in SAS BI
Solutions to Exercises

SAS BI Transformations, For Slowly Changing Dimensions (Self-Study)

This module is designed to give you a good idea about SCD, its dimensions, load transformation and Lookup transformation.

Defining Slowly Changing Dimensions in SAS BI
How to use SAS BI SCD Type 2 Loader Transformation
Using the Fact Table Lookup Transformation

Job Scheduling

Learn how to schedule data integration studio jobs during SAS BI training.

Scheduling SAS Data Integration Studio Jobs

SAS® Data Integration Studio And Data Quality

Understand what is data integration studio, how to set up tasks for SAS BI data integration etc... in this module of training.

Introduction To SAS BI OLAP

This is an introduction module, which lets you know the SAS intelligence platform and who are the information consumers.

Introduction to the SAS® Enterprise Intelligence Platform
SAS BI Overview
Who are SAS Business Intelligence Information Consumers

Overview Of SAS OLAP Cube Studio

In continuation to the introduction module, we’ll learn about SAS Business Intelligence Cube studio, Registering through metadata followed by a few exercises.

Introduction to OLAP Cubes
Introduction to Online Analytical Processing
Overview of SAS OLAP Cube Studio
Registering Metadata

Creating SAS BI OLAP Cube

Here we provide a closer look at SAS® OLAP Cube Studio through a screen demonstration. It is a detailed view of this SAS Business Intelligence client.

Working with SAS OLAP Cubes Derived from Detail Tables
Creating a SAS OLAP Cube from a Detail Table
Generating Aggregations in SAS BI cube Using Cross-Dimensional Tuning
Setting Permissions Using SAS Management Console
Viewing a SAS OLAP Cube with SAS Enterprise Guide

Creating SAS BI OLAP From Schema

Using a star schema design in SAS is beneficial in the OLAP cube build process and accessing the data directly using a relational information map.

Working with SAS OLAP Cubes Derived from Star Schemas
Creating an SAS  OLAP Cube from a Star Schema
Viewing a SAS OLAP Cube with SAS Web OLAP Viewer for Java
Solutions to Exercises

Monitoring SAS OLAP

This module trains you on how to monitor and tune SAS OLAP Cube, Creating SAS OLAP cube from a summary table and SAS Business Intelligence content developer.

Monitoring and Tuning a SAS OLAP Cube
Building an Information Map from a SAS OLAP Cube
Creating a Report with SAS Web Report Studio
Appendix A Working with SAS OLAP Cubes Derived from Summary Tables
Creating a SAS OLAP Cube from a Summary Table
Viewing a SAS OLAP Cube with Microsoft Excel
Appendix B SAS®9 Business Intelligence Training
SAS BI Content Developer

SAS Business Intelligence Applications

An overview of all the SAS Business Intelligence applications

SAS BI Java Applications
SAS BI Windows Applications
SAS BI Web Browser Applications

All About SAS BI Management Console

This module aims at having a detailed discussion over SAS Business Intelligence management.

Overview of the SAS Management Console
Introduction to the SAS BI Management Console
How the SAS BI Management Console Works
Introduction to the SAS BI Management Console Plug-Ins
Working with the User Interface

SAS Data Integration

By the end of this module, you will have a good understanding about SAS BI DATA integration.

Using SAS Data Integration Studio
SAS Data Integration Studio Overview
SAS Data Integration Studio Interface
Adding Library Definitions
Using the Source Designer
Using the Target Designer
Using the Process Designer

Using SAS OLAP Cube Studio

In this module, we provide the usage and overview of SAS OLAP Cube Studio interface.

Using SAS OLAP Cube Studio
Overview of SAS OLAP Cube Studio
SAS OLAP Cube Studio Interface

Overview Of SAS Add-In For Microsoft Office

Deepen your SAS BI skills by knowing how to Add-In SAS BI with Microsoft Office.

Using the SAS BI Add-In for Microsoft Office
Overview of the SAS BI Add-In for Microsoft Office
Using the SAS BI Add-In for Microsoft Office Exercises

SAS Enterprise Guide

SAS Enterprise Guide is a point-and-click, menu-and wizard-driven tool that empowers users to analyse data and publish results. Explore more about SAS Enterprise Guide in this module.

Using SAS Enterprise Guide
Investigating the Features of SAS Enterprise Guide
Exploring SAS Enterprise Guide

Overview Of SAS Information Map Studio

Learn all about what is SAS Business Intelligence information Map studio.

Using SAS Information Map Studio
Overview of the SAS Information Map Studio
Using SAS Information Map Studio

Using SAS Web Report Studio

Finally, learn all about SAS Web Report Studio in this module of training.

Using SAS Web Report Studio
Overview of SAS Web Report Studio
Using SAS Web Report Studio

Exam & Certification

Candidates who scored passing marks in SAS BI Content Development for SAS 9 exam can only get the certification. Exam for which the candidate appears is based on SAS 9.4 Maintenance 2 using the 4.4 version of the BI clientele and is conducted by SAS and Pearson VUE.

  • After receiving an SAS certification you will be recognized as an expert and highly skilled software developer and programmer.

  • To get certification after course completion, you need to give test and you can get your certification online.

Also, the Techenoid could help in getting the certification of the course which will help you in a long run.


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1. What are the modes of training offered for this course?

You can register for the instructor-led, online, or self-paced training mode.

2. Can I attend a demo session before enrollment?

Yes to know about the course, you can attend a video session.

3. Who are the instructors taking the theory and practical classes?

All instructors handling the course have a rich experience and knowledge in the domain.

4. Are there any group discounts for classroom training programs?

Some institutes do offer but get in touch with your institute.

5. Can I switch from Self-Paced Training To Online Instructor-Led Training?

You can positively make the change to any learning mode you want from the current one.

6. What If I Miss A Class?

You can join the currently running batch or see the video tutorial of the missed class.

7. How Will I Execute The Practical?

All practical sessions are handled only by experienced trainers in the domain, so executing your practical is not at all a big issue.

8. What payment options are available?

Besides cash, you can pay your fees in different modes you want.

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