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WorkFusion training

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  • Learners : 426
  • 30 hrs

The WorkFusion Training course educates learners on the way of implementing the Intelligent Automation rudiments, Smart Process Automation, and Power User in real time. They will also know the way humans interact with computers. The training will offer learners the ability to manage the entire work processes in an efficient way to develop their organizations. Students will get an exposure, as well, to real-time projects based on the industries in a range of business verticals.

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Key Features

  • 30 Hours of instructor-led live online training
  • 100% Practical approach with hands-on practice
  • Live project based on real-life case studies
  • Most experienced & certified trainers
  • Lifetime access to class recordings
  • 24x7 Teaching assistance and support

Upcoming Batches

  • 17


    7:00 AM IST (Saturday)

    Sat-Sun (5 Weeks)
  • 19


    7:00 AM IST (Monday)

    Mon-Fri (15 days)
  • 21


    7:00 AM IST (Wednesday)

    Sat-Sun (5 Weeks)

Modes of Training

Self-paced Video Learning
  • Access to high quality pre-recorded Hadoop Training videos ( from a previous live training )
  • LMS Access
  • Access to self-paced haddop Training material designed by experts.
Instructor Led
Instructor led live training
  • Live online training by Certified & industry expert Trainers.
  • On Demand Dedicated Cloud lab and LMS access.
  • 24X7 teaching assistance and suppoert.
  • Fast-track / Regular / Weekend batches.
Corporate training
Corporate training
  • Self-paced-e-learning and/or instructor led Live-online training options.
  • Learning Management System access.
  • Enhanced reporting for individuals and teams.
  • 24X7 Support

Course Details

Objectives of the course  

The Workfusion training Course has been designed with the major goal to make learners familiar with the powerful RPA approach. It educates students on the latest techniques for developing their businesses using the tool in an effective way. The objective of the training is to make participants to make them highly capable experts, offering the required ability to develop their businesses to the next level. The course also aims to make learners work in dissimilar positions in various organizations upon the completion of their training course.

The training in Ssmart Automation of WorkFusion empowers students to digitize the operations of enterprises in an efficient way. It is offered with the combination of RPA, AI-controlled cognitive automation, workflow, intelligent spoken agents, Crowdsourcing, and analytics. The course has been suitably structured to compatible with all types of organizations with the goal of making the learners a professional in the field.

Some of the other objectives of the training course include:

  • To make students understand the essentials of the automation market, plan, challenges, as well as its execution.

  • To make students familiar with the working mechanism of the Application Development Automation.

  • To enable participants to explore the theory of economics, strategy, and diverse modules.

Above all, the major purpose of the training in WorkFusion is to make students to have the required capability to transform their career into a prospective one.

The right candidate to do the course

Although the WorkFusion training course is useful for Automation professionals and Intelligence managers, it is also useful for,

  • Business Analytics.

  • Project Managers.

  • RPA Experts

  • End Users.

It is also a suitable course for fresh graduates, who are interested in the field.

What skills will you learn with the Workfusion training Course?

The training course in WorkFusion will offer you the required skill to digitalize your work processes in an easy and effective way. This will give you the ability to handle a variety of projects resourcefully in your organization.

Projects included in the online course

While doing the WorkFusion training, students will work on the real-life projects wherein they can apply their talents and acquaintance that they learned from the training. Students will be provided with multiple real-world projects to offer them the required self-confidence to work in all types of industries, irrespective of their size.

Why should you join the course?

The WorkFusion Training course offers effective solutions to learners for digitalizing their entire work processes. Joining the course will allow you to know the techniques of using the RPA software, AI-regulated automation, and much more. Moreover, the Workfusion Intelligent Automation is the most frequently used technique amid many modern organizations around the world with the intention of saving their business expenses. Almost all BPOs, financial administrations, as well as safety suppliers are currently embracing the WorkFusion Intelligent Automation. Having a certification in WorkFusion will allow you to get a highly paid job in all worldwide organizations.

Moreover, upon completion of the course, the WorkFusion software will offer you the ability to become a business head to digitize the operations through the intelligent automation for your business processes, meaning it will take care of the entire digital transformation. Usually, the majority of the business processes begins with dragging information and end with driving it. Having trained in WorkFusion will allow you to make the RPA application process a breeze, besides taping into legacy applications. Additionally, the course will offer you the required skill to use the Cognitive Automation tool easily and effectively. This means that you can automate judgment activities, such as data entry and resolutions effortlessly.

Nowadays, most of the businesses start applying WorkFusion for their daily applications. Having a certification on your side will offer you bright prospects in most of the world-renowned organizations. Whether you are fresh from the college or a working professional, you can improve your career in an excellent and lucrative way.

Career Improvement on doing the course

The certification in WorkFusion will offer you bright openings in many reputed MNC and IT companies. You can apply for new openings and can work as a,

  • WorkFusion Architect.

  • WorkFusion Developer.

  • WorkFusion Consultant.

  • Advanced Automation Director.

  • WorkFusion Solution Architect.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to WorkFusion

  • Details about RPA using WorkFusion
  • Learning Path
  • RPA Express Environment
  • Control Tower
  • Platform Monitor
  • S3 File Storage
  • WF Studio
  • WF Recorder

Manual Tasks

  • How to create and manage Manual Tasks in CT
  • Applications of Manual Tasks.

Business Process

  • BP creation
  • Data Flow
  • UI
  • input/output

Business Process Flow

  • Split
  • Merge
  • Route
  • Sub-processes
  • Scheduling BPs

Working with S3 and ETL Form


Development in WF Studio

RPA Recorder

  • Basic tasks
  • Web/Desktop automation

RPA Recorder – II

  • Complex tasks
  • Web/Desktop automation

Web-harvest components – I

  • Code Structure
  • Data Flow

Web-harvest components – II

  • Data
  • Files

Web-harvest components – III

  • API
  • Emails
  • Misc

Working with DataStores

  • Groovy scripting in Bot Tasks

Web Automation – I

Web Automaton – II

Desktop Automation

What next?

High level overview of Cognitive Automation(ML)
WF Architecture
Career Guidance

Exam & Certification

According to your career goals, you can do two types of WorkFusion certifications. This includes a WorkFusion diploma for beginners and a highly developed Diploma certification in WorkFusion.

Once you complete your course successfully, your training institute will offer a course completion certificate. This will substantiate that you have undergone a rigorous training in the principles and applications of WorkFusion, with the designation of WorkFusion professional. It also validates that you are provoked to learn as well as you are having a true expertise.


  • The WorkFusion training course has not only made me an expert but also fetched me a lucrative and civilized paid career.


1. What are the modes of training offered for this course?

The WorkFusion training course is being offered in three learning modes, such as Self Paced Video Learning, Corporate Training, and Instructor-Led Live Training.

2. Can I attend a demo session before enrollment?

Yes, your training institute will offer you a Demo video session on the course before your enrollment.

3. Who are the instructors taking the theory and practical classes?

The trainers who are handling the classes have pertinent experience in executing the real world applications in the WorkFusion field.

4. Are there any group discounts for classroom training programs?

Your training center will offer you group discounts if the number of your referred participants meets their specifications.

5. Can I switch from Self-Paced Training To Online Instructor-Led Training?

Yes, you as a student can enjoy the complete benefits of converting from one learning mode to another.

6. What If I Miss A Class?

Your training institute will usually record all live classroom sessions. Therefore, you can learn about your missed session from the recorded tutorial.

7. How Will I Execute The Practical?

You will be provided with server access by the trainer of your institute to ensure a practical synchronized training and experience by supplying you with all the essential utilities to make you understand the course thoroughly.

8. What payment options are available?

Nowadays, all institutes accept all electronic payment options, including debit or credit card and net banking.


The WorkFusion is an effective training that allows students to know all the aspects of automation. It offers them the required ease while performing their everyday automation processes easily, effectively, and quickly. The course is ideal for anyone who wants to develop his or her career prospect through a highly paid job in any of the leading organizations.


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